Sure Hill can be short for Hillary, my name. And it can be a noun or a verb. It can also mean the place where people go to put a vision together. Welcome to the new Hillsite.

I am principally a graphic designer specializing in print and digital design. Bringing together elements—visuals, language, concepts—in ways that really engage people is interesting and exhilarating. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Communication Design, I have worked as a designer for 25 years and now run a successful design business. I believe that good design improves communication and the way ideas work in the world.

I’m originally from a small town (well, technically Jericho is a hamlet) on Long Island. Early influences fostered an appreciation of creativity and craftsmanship. My grandfather was an engraver and an uncle was a printer who gave me old typography books to explore. As a young girl, I spent eight consecutive summers at an arts camp, where I thrived learning silk screening, tie dying, jewelry soldering and photography. These experiences brought me to life and sparked my interest in doing creative work.

After college I was thrilled when I landed my first position at an industrial design firm in New York City. I learned the industry working on a great range of projects in marketing departments and graphic design firms in Atlanta and Washington D.C.

What I do, if I had to describe it simply, is articulate graphically. I consider what you want to say and do, and assemble the visual language to accomplish it. The success of what I design is ultimately linked to intention. Do you want to refresh a look? Design something new? Create consistency? Strengthen identity?     

I continue to work respectfully, out of love and knowledge, to build strong client relationships and raise design potential. In the feature project, you can see at a glance what I’m about and what I’m capable of. I invite you to drop a line on the contact page.

Always approaching design with delight and joyful energy,